Graeham Goble – Little River Band Isolated Vocals


Listening to ISOLATED VOCALS are a favourite thing to enjoy. Who doesn’t love hearing Lennon & McCartney and The Beach Boys, among many isolated vocals now appearing on You Tube. Here are some Graeham Goble favourites.

All studio performances with no editing or tuning Vocal arrangements by Graeham Goble Strings arranged by Ricardo Formosa.

‘Til Tonight (1993) written by Graeham Goble, vocals by Steve Wade & Graeham Goble.

Light Of Day (1978) written by Beeb Birtles, vocals by Beeb Birtles, Graeham Goble & Glenn Shorrock.

A Cruel Madness (1988) written by Graeham Goble, vocals by Wayne Nelson & Graeham Goble.

Sleepless Nights (1983) written by Graeham Goble, vocals by John Farnham, Beeb Birtles, Graeham Goble.


In Conversation: Shorrock, Birtles, Goble & Briggs – Little River Band’s Original Singers And Hit Songwriters

The original singers and hit songwriters of Little River Band reunite for a conversation about their experience in forming, recording and touring with Australia’s most significant international rock band. Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles, Graeham Goble, David Briggs wrote all the hits which made the band famous: Reminiscing, Cool Change, Lady, Lonesome Loser, Help Is On Its Way, Happy Anniversary, Take It Easy On Me, The Night Owls, The Other Guy, We Two, Home On Monday, It’s A Long Way There and Many More.


I’ll Always Call Your Name – Isolated Bass Featuring Roger McLachlan & Beeb Birtles


A fabulous insight into the writing of the classic Beeb Birtles song “I’ll Always Call Your Name” which appears on the first Little River Band album circa 1975. Beeb discusses his love of open G tuning, how and why this song was written. Featuring: Beeb Birtles – Lead Vocal & Guitar Glenn Shorrock – Vocals Graeham Goble – Guitar & Vocals Ric Formosa – Lead Guitars Derek Pellicci – Drums & Percussion Roger McLachlan – Fender Bass


Birtles & Goble – Digitally Released

Birtles & Goble

For the first time on all digital platforms The Last Romance album is finally available. Little River Band fans consider it a lost Little River Band album. Musicians featured include not only Beeb and Graeham, but David Briggs, George McArdle, Ric Formosa and Derek Pellicci. In addition to members of LRB, there was an array of Australia’s finest performers including Don Burrows, Mal Logan, Barry Sullivan, Clive Harrison, Peter Jones, Mark Kennedy and many others.

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“Everyday Of My Life” Isolated Bass – Featuring Roger McLachlan


Roger McLachlan: “My friend and colleague Beeb Birtles wrote and sang the fabulous LRB hit ‘Everyday of my Life’. Both in lockdown, Beeb in Nashville and me in Melbourne (Australia), we discuss the meaning behind the song and what really happened in 1976 when it was recorded. What a trip down memory lane with some interesting facts emerging…” 


Little River Band: We’ll Always Be An Adelaide Band At Heart

Little River Band: We'll Always Be An Adelaide Band At Heart


Mississippi – Singles and Rarities

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Mississippi’s latter singles ‘Early Morning’, ‘Will I’ and ‘Where in the World’ released for the first time on streaming along with newly discovered unreleased recordings and demos recorded by Little River Band precursor, Mississippi.



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